Shop Act Registration

Shop Act Registration

Registration of shops and factories refers to the process of obtaining a certificate or license, which is issued to entrepreneurs, professions and trades registered under the provisions of the Law on Businesses and Establishments. All the rules and regulations of this law are regulated and administered by the Ministry of Labor.

Required to obtain a license to make purchases and run a business

• The name of the employer and manager.

• Postal address of said factory.

• The name of the establishment.

• Category of establishment such as restaurant, amusement park, hotel, etc.

• Number of employees working.

Documents required to obtain a Shop Act license

• The documents required for registration under the Trade and Business Act are as follows:

• Proof of the employer’s identity in the form of Aadhar card, PAN card, driver’s license, voter card.

• Identity photo of the employer.

• A photo of the factory or store.

• A copy of the rental agreement or the rental deed in the case of a rented property.

• All utility bills in the form of electricity bills, workplace water tax bills. However, the aforementioned utility bill must not be two months older.

Other documents required for a particular company, factory or company are as follows:

• In the case of a trust, a list of the number of trustees.

• Memorandum of Association (MOA).

• In the case of a cooperative – list of members and president.

• In the case of a partnership, the articles of association containing all the relevant information concerning the company name, the name and the signature of all the partners as well as the percentage of share of each partner.

• A copy of the authorization granted by RBI.

• Copy of the Certificate of Incorporation (COI) issued under the Companies Act 2013.

• A copy of the COR (Certificate of Registration) issued by the Commissioner to Charities.

• Resolution presenting the list of appointed directors.

• Resolution on the start of the Company’s operations.

• Authorization to transport RTO.

• FSSAI license.

• Drug license.

• A copy of the collector’s approval.

• NOC (certificate of no objection) issued by the police for the opening of the Cybercafé.

• CEI certificate (Import Export Code).

• NOC (Certificate without reservations) issued by the Municipal Company for the opening of the flour mill and Masala.

• Excise permit required to open a beer bar, restaurant or wine shop.

• Certification issued by the SEBI (Indian Stock Exchange Council) to a securities broker.

• License issued by the police service to open a security service.

Store and Factory Licensing Process:

Visit the website of the Ministry of Labor

The registration process is online in many states and partially online in some states. Each state has a Department of Labor website and an online registration form with instructions.

Download the application form

First, download the registration application form from the official website of the relevant country in which said store or factory is located.

          Fill in all the required details

In the next step, the business owner should provide all the required data. Details include the following:

Name of proposed store and factory

Name and surname and contact details of the employer

Full name and contact information of all employees at that time

Proof of factory address registered with NOC (unopposed certificate) or rental agreement

Details of the PAN card of the employer concerned.

Submit your documents

Then submit the required documents online after filling out the form. In some states, documents must be physically submitted along with a hard copy of the application form.

Pay the fees

The fees vary depending on the type of business as well as the type of license. Multi-state online payment option, otherwise can be payable offline by DD / cash.


The Ministry of Labor will then process your request. Sometimes, in order to verify the information you have filled in and the attached documents, an inspector is appointed to inspect your business premises.

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